Our micro farm located in Grass Valley, CA prides itself on sustainability, and ethical practices.
Our soap is no different. Each is hand crafted in small batches to match every season.

  • Refreshing

  • Soothing

  • Invigorating

  • Warming




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A box of joy for sure!!! Thank you for your wonderful service and beautiful product!!!


I LOVED all the soaps!! I’m pretty sure they gave me an extra sample of Maple sugar and I will have to order it soon. Smells AMAZING!!!!  Thank you!!


Love the eco-friendly packaging! Came with five soaps scraps in the box and there was even an extra block of lavender soap that came wrapped individually!


About Broadfork Farm

Our 1.5 acre micro farm, located in Grass Valley, California, prides itself on sustainability and ethical practices. Our soap is no different. Our soap is hand crafted in small batches to match every season of growing. We use goats milk from our very own goats; who are a treasured part of our farm family. We include seasonal items that we grow in our soap, as well as oils from other local producers when possible. We make sure all ingredients are ethical and sustainable.

On a farm of such a small size everything serves a purpose. Animals for compost, plants that are companion plants, bees to help pollinate, and loads of straw to keep the walkways mud free. When our goats were bred to have babies we decided to milk them once the babies weened. At the time we had no real plan for the milk. Maybe some for making cheese, and enjoying as fresh milk. However, our goats were wonderful producers. This lead to loads and loads of milk! At the time we couldn't use it all and decided to freeze the extra. 

After some time we kept thinking, “what could goat milk add to our farm stand?” Then it came to us GOAT MILK SOAP!! We had all used it, why not learn how to make it? This is when Broadfork Farm Soap was born. We scoured the internet for information, ordered books, and then supplies. We won’t lie to you, the first few batches were...let’s just say less than perfect. Over the next year we learned all we could through testing on our surprisingly willing family and friends. At last our recipe was perfect! Now we sell at the farm and online.

We hope you enjoy our soap as much as we do. It is a true labor of love and respect for the bounty our farm gives us. 


The Broadfork Farm Family